Strange Noises


What is causing those strange noises coming from my water heater? This is a question we often receive from our customers. And, strange noises in a water heater is one of the most telling signs of a problem in the water heater. The banging, clanking and buckling-type noises emitted from a water heater are caused by a severe buildup of sediment, including calcium and other particles that are clogging up the heating tank of the water heater. This buildup negatively affects the ability of the water heater to heat water effectively as the heating elements are often coated and blocked by the buildup, preventing them from heating the stored water. When a water heater is not working to its full potential, this disrupts the operation of the hot water plumbing. All of this makes bathing, doing laundry, showering and washing much more challenging and inefficient. If you notice strange noises emanating from your water heater, call the hot water heater diagnostic and repair experts—S & B Plumbing, Sugar Land, Texas. We know water heaters inside and out, are are ready to help when strange noises indicate buildup is affecting your water heater.

Causes of Strange Noises from Water Heater

Do you hear rumbling, crackling and popping sounds coming from your water heater? This is caused by sediment, including calcium, dirt, lime, sand and other solid particle debris collecting on the bottom of the heating tank. When the burner heats water trapped under the particles, it creates the strange noises, which sound a lot like making coffee in a percolator. Let the hot water heating specialists at S & B Plumbing, Sugar Land, Texas, fix your water heater problem. Do not let your water heater overheat with all of the extra sediment in it. Prevent a catastrophe—should the water heater deteriorate and then leak, burst or fail.

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