Sewer services is something you need when you have big plumbing problems like a kitchen sink backing up or a toilet that doesn’t flush. When you are faced with clogged sewer lines or clogged waste water lines life at home become miserable. You can’t run the dishwasher because water keeps rising in the sink. Flushing a toilet is a potential nightmare and waste water could be backing up into your shower. You need to bring in plumbing professionals to handle these kinds of sewer problems.

At S&B Plumbing, we have been clearing drain lines for several decades. Our talented plumbers can unclog sewer lines fast and get your house back up and running in no time! Don’t suffer with toilets that won’t make things go down just call the pros at S&B Plumbing. Our crews like to joke that we are number one at fixing number two problems.  Our sewer services are top-notch and most repairs can be done fairly quickly.

We can help you fix sewer problems such as:

Sewer Line Back-up
Burst Pipes
Clogged Pipes
Broken Pipes
Root Damage
Drain Line Breakage

Same Day Sewer Services

We have several methods to diagnose your plumbing problem where we can determine the best method of repair to your sewer lines or drains. We have the latest technology in clearing pipes. Don’t wait another minute if you have sewer problems call S&B Plumbing to the rescue today. Our courteous, professional sewer services and drain experts can clean and repair any sewer line or drain, no matter how tough the clog. We’re available for same day appointments so you never have to wait for your repair.We use state of the art technology, including video inspection, that ensures a minimum amount of disruption to your immediate environment.We also do sewer and sink line repair and reroutes.  Don’t forget to visit our coupons page for money saving specials.