Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair

At S & B Plumbing our team has been repairing and installing Sugar Land garbage disposals for over 40 years. Our expert plumbing technicians have repaired or replaced thousands of garbage disposals for every brand on the market. Common garbage disposal issues include clogged machines, burnt motors, irregular sounds, and leaks.

Garbage Disposal Repair Sugar Land TX Plumber

Experienced Sugar Land Garbage Disposal Services

You're turning on the disposal but nothing is happening. The potato peels are clogging up in the sink and water is not draining. Don’t worry the Sugar Land garbage disposal experts at S & B Plumbing Inc. can handle any garbage disposal problem! We have experience in handling every imaginable plumbing problem our customers have had from: leaking faucets, clogged kitchen, lavatory, tub/shower drains, water heater service repair & replacement, water filtration and softening needs; sewer, water and gas line locating, repair & replacement and camera services along with tunneling and excavation services. We service, test and install backflow prevention devices also offering annual gas testing for child & adult care facilities.

Time for a New Garbage Disposal?

Sugar Land garbage disposals don’t last forever and it’s hard to know when to fix or replace. Here are some common signs it could be time for a new garbage disposal:

  • Your garbage disposal clogs often
  • You have to press the button a lot
  • Bad odors that never go away
  • You have a leak that doesn’t go away
  • The blades are dull

Do the math, if you have repairs do meet or exceed the replacement cost? Sometimes repairing the disposal can cost more than getting a new a unit. Maybe you are replacing your kitchen sink and think why not upgrade the garbage disposal as well? Whichever you choose, S & B Plumbing will professionally repair or install your Sugar Land garbage disposal. Plus, we guarantee our work and your satisfaction 100%! Below you will find the models we currently carry.