Clogged drains and sinks effect everyone at some point. Call our professional service technicians and we'll unclog those drains quick!


Your toilet isn’t flushing, or your drain is not draining, and you need help! Don’t fear, S&B Plumbing is here! With over four decades of unclogging experience, our certified plumbing technicians know what you need to get your drains unclogged and back to sanitary operating conditions!

We’ve all been there, having a few private moments in the restroom, and we go to flush the toilet, and, well, the water seems to be heading in the wrong direction! Sure, you can grab the plunger and give it a few pushes, but if you’re not careful, you can cause more damage than solve the problem!

We understand the temptation to try to solve the problem yourself. It’s familiar, and at times a moment of a plunger party is all it takes to deal with the problem, at least partially. If you find yourself increasingly having to deal with this issue, then the do-it-yourself plumbing might be causing a more challenging (and expensive) problem.

These minor clogs can lead to more significant problems for your overall plumbing system. For this reason, it is vital to have a certified technician to handle your clogs for you.

The benefits of letting us help you to get unclogged include:

  • We’ve been doing it for many years
  • We can identify the issues quickly
  • We offer speedy repairs and solutions
  • We can prevent further issues from arising
  • You and your property deserve the best


The team of professionals at S&B Plumbing can handle more significant problems with your sewer lines. Sewer pipes clog up as oils, debris, hair, sediment, soaps, waste, grease, and other materials collect and accumulate on the inside surfaces of your plumbing pipes. By neglecting proper maintenance and cleaning, drain pipes and sewer lines eventually will get stopped up, preventing any water from draining. The result of this can cause overflowing, sewage back-ups, and overflows that result in expensive malfunctioning of your plumbing and water damage to your home.

Drain lines stop up because an obstruction in the line is preventing water from flowing in the direction that it is supposed to. These obstructions usually have an underlying cause, and often times the cause is a break or other structural damage to the line itself. If we are able to get your clogged drain unstopped, we highly recommend following up with a visual inspection of your line to see if we can find what caused the stoppage. Several of our technicians carry a camera on their trucks that they can insert into the line to see and locate where breaks have occurred and develop a plan for how to best solve the issue. We have teams explicitly dedicated to dealing with these more massive clogs. Our team has an excellent reputation for getting your pipes cleaned and flowing freely with minimal disruption to your property.

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