It is known that a tank water heater lasts on average seven to 15 years. After as few as five to 10 years, a tank water heater can operate much less efficiently. Tankless, or on-demand water heaters last more than 20 years on average. Tank water heaters sustain wear and tear as sediments such as calcium build-up accumulates in the tank. Particles can harden as they are heated, cooled and reheated multiple time. Components and the walls of the tank can corrode and leak. Plus, calcium also coats the heating elements of a water heat, making the equipment less efficient at heating water. When you notice that your water heater is not warming up water like it used to or if you see signs that it is malfunctioning, call the professional plumbing company S & B Plumbing, Sugar Land, Texas, to inspect your water heater.

When Is It Time to Replace a Water Heater

It is important to check your water heater on a regular basis for leaks and to make sure it is operating sufficiently. There are a number of things that can tip you off to a problem with a water heater and a potential emergency repair. Flushing a water heater can lengthen its longevity, but many times it makes more economic sense to replace an old, poorly operating water heater with a modern, energy-efficient model.

Things to Check on Your Water Heater:

    • Power. It water is cold, check to see if a circuit breaker has been tripped or a pilot light has went out.
    • Leaks. Water leaking from a water heater is a sure sign that the unit is failing. Have the unit inspected right away to avoid a possible flooding problem in your home.
    • Sounds. If you hear loud popping, crackling and banging noises coming from the water heater, this is likely caused by sediments depositing and scale building up in the unit.
    • Coloration. Rusty water flowing from a hot water faucet can mean an imminent breakdown of your water heater. Corrosion may be causing deterioration of metal components inside the water heater.

We Are Experts at Installing Water Heaters of All Kinds

The expert plumbers at S & B Plumbing are available to discuss with you the best options for replacing your old water heater with a modern, high-efficiency model. We replace water heaters in communities throughout the Sugar Land and Southwest Houston, Texas, area:

  • Bellaire
  • Galleria
  • Katy
  • Greatwood
  • Memorial
  • Meyerland
  • Missouri City
  • New Territory
  • Richmond
  • River Oaks
  • Rosenberg
  • Sienna Plantation
  • Stafford
  • Tanglewood
  • West University

What Makes S & B Plumbing the Best Choice for Water Heater Replacement?

S & B Plumbing, Sugar Land, established in 1976, understands the nuances of replacing a water heater in any configuration in a home or business. We are an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and are Gold Standard Rated by Consumer Business Review. Have a question about a water heater? Call us today.


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