Tunneling Services

Tunneling Services

At S & B Plumbing, Sugar Land, Texas, we have created effective processes to reliably provide tunneling services to access underneath slabs and foundations to repair or replace plumbing without damaging the building, foundation or floors. We first inspect the area to determine the location and cause of the problem. We use visual inspection and sound devices to detect leaks, plus special video cameras to find out exactly what the extent of repairs is needed. We can safely tunnel under structures to repair or replace existing plumbing and sewer lines quickly, conveniently and effectively.

Tunneling Services Sugar Land TX

Full Service for Tunneling of Pipes

Tunneling is an effective plumbing tactic involving digging a tunnel chamber under a home’s concrete slab or foundation for repair access. After we complete tunneling work to fix or replace service lines to a home, we use great care in replacing the void with proper soil fill to maintain the structural integrity of the slab, foundation and building.

Water line, plumbing and sewer pipes under concrete slabs and foundations are vulnerable to leaks and breaks, especially with age and wear and tear. If you suspect leaking pipes, we provide services to verify leaks and find their exact locations. We also offer testing services of incoming pressure water lines, drain lines and sewer lines, tunneling services, repair of underground pipes and replacement of underground pipes.

Underground pipes may crack or sustain other damage as they age and deteriorate, or as the foundation of the building above them settles and shifts. To repair or replace piping under ground, we use tunneling equipment to safely tunnel underneath the concrete slab or foundation of a home. After repairing or replacing pipes, we restore the underground tunneling activity to ensure the structural integrity underneath the building. Plumbers at S & B Plumbing, Sugar Land, are sewer line tunneling specialists who can can fix any sewer line problem.

We offer re-piping services throughout the Sugar Land, Southwest Houston and the Surrounding Area:

Our tunneling services team has extensive experience using our techniques to repair and replace piping under hundreds of homes in the area. S & B Plumbing, Sugar Land, offers tunneling services for plumbing repair and replacement for residential and commercial customers across the Sugar Land, Texas, area:

  • Bellaire
  • Galleria
  • Katy
  • Greatwood
  • Memorial
  • Meyerland
  • Missouri City
  • New Territory
  • Richmond
  • River Oaks
  • Rosenberg
  • Sienna Plantation
  • Stafford
  • Tanglewood
  • West University