Faucet Repair

Drip, drip, drip—the persistent sound of a sink that needs faucet repairs. Not only is the constant sound annoying, but a leaking faucet wastes water and increases your monthly utility bill. Take care of that nagging plumbing problem by calling the licensed plumbers specializing in faucet repairs at S & B Plumbing, Sugar Land, Texas.

Signs Your Faucet Needs Repairing

The experienced plumbing repair team at S & B Plumbing, Sugar Land, is ready to help you with a faucet that needs repairs. There are several key signs that your faucet requires repairs:

  1. Dripping faucet. Worn or damaged seals and components often contribute to faucets that leak. Overly high water pressure may be a cause of leaks, too.
  2. Water damage. Damage to cabinets, flooring, walls or a vanity are tell-tale signs that a faucet is damaged or not working properly, leaking water.
  3. Disrupted flow. If a stream of water has changed into a sputtering of water, this indicates the aerator is clogged, among other possible faucet problems.
  4. Unusual noises. Clanking or banging sounds may indicated problems with components in a faucet or the connecting pipes. A shrieking sound may be sourced to worn out seals or old washers.
  5. Stuck handle. When the stem of a faucet deteriorates, it may squeak or the handle may freeze up from accumulating deposits.
  6. Sediment build up. Corrosion and mineral debris can damage faucet components over time and require a thorough cleaning or replacement of faucet parts.
  7. Damaged parts. Components may simply wear out and need replacement, too.

Faucet Repair Experts for Sugar Land and the Surrounding Area

S & B Plumbing, Sugar Land, provides faucet repair services for residential and commercial customers, in communities throughout the Sugar Land, Texas, area:

  • Bellaire
  • Galleria
  • Katy
  • Greatwood
  • Memorial
  • Meyerland
  • Missouri City
  • New Territory
  • Richmond
  • River Oaks
  • Rosenberg
  • Sienna Plantation
  • Stafford
  • Tanglewood
  • West University

Contact the Reliable Service Leaders for Faucet Repair

If you think your faucet is malfunctioning or leaking, call the faucet repair professionals at S & B Plumbing, Sugar Land. We can fix that nagging leaking or broken faucet fast, efficiently and affordably. Call us today.